Calm animals was a divine enchantment (compulsion) spell that calmed animals, beasts, and magical beasts.[1][3]


The spell was used to calm aggressive animals, quieting them and making them docile and harmless to those nearby. The animals remained in the area and would not flee or attack, but would resist and defend themselves if assaulted, and any kind of threat would break the enchantment.

It could only be applied to animals, beasts, and magical beasts, provided they were of regular animal intelligence. Trained attack or guard animals, dire animals, beasts, and magical beasts could potentially resist the effect, while natural, wild animals easily succumbed. The spell affected a random number of creatures of the same kind.[1][3]


The calm animals spell could be cast by druids, rangers, and clerics who commanded the animal domain.[1][3]


This spell required only verbal and somatic components.[1][3]



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