King Camden was a ruler of Hartsvale.[2]


Camden had thick sturdy legs, hulking shoulders, and a solid build.[3] He was around seven-feet-tall and exceptionally strong.[1] He often wore an ermine cape.[3]


Camden often lost control of his temper.[3]


During his reign, Camden established a network of roads throughout his kingdom, which made it possible for a rider to travel from Castle Hartwick to any of the earldoms in just less than a day.[1]


Camden was the son of King Blod, and he had a twin brother named Dunstan.[1] He was the father of Princess Brianna, and she was his only child.[2] Camden had married and divorced many times, trying to produce a male heir after his first wife died, but none of these women ever bore him children.[3]

Camden's closest advisor was Counselor Fardo.[2]

Camden was well-liked by the tribes of hill and stone giants in the region of Hartsvale.[2] He was especially good friends with Noote, lord of the Fir Palace and chieftain of hill giant tribes of the valley.[4]


When King Blod died, his two twin sons, Dunstan and Camden, fought a war of succession, called the War of the Twins. To win the war, Camden purchased the assistance of a tribe of Ice Spire ogres led by Goboka, their shaman.[1][2] (Camden used a small ogre band to pull out his brother's forces so that a larger one could attack.[3]) The price for his victory was his firstborn daughter, whom he promised to give to the ogres when she came of age.[1][2] He made the deal, because Hartsvale's royal line had not produced a female heir in many centuries. Even so, his first child was indeed a daughter.[1]

In 1366 DR, when Princess Brianna came of age, she was kidnapped by the ogres. When one of the king's Frontier Scouts, Tavis Burdun, reported to Camden that his daughter had been taken, but the king refused to allow anyone to pursue the ogres.[5] In fact, Camden himself had arranged the kidnapping, having been visited by an emissary from the ogres who demanded their pay.[6] Tavis disobeyed the king and rescued her anyway, with the help of Basil and Avner. When they returned to Castle Hartwick, Brianna confronted her husband and had him deposed and exiled, becoming queen of Hartsvale.[5]




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