Camels of the Pearl appeared in Zakhara during prehistoric times, having been carved from a single great pearl by Jisan. They still served the people faithfully.


Their huge eyes expressed serenity and grandeur. These animals were huge, possessing white fur and pearl eyes. They were able to speak Midani as well as the tongue of giants and genies. When these creatures approached, they knelt down to avoid scaring others with their size. Many of these camels were equipped by their owners with rich bridles, saddles and other attributes.


Camels of the Pearl were powerful healers and mages. They knew a large number of spells. They could also cure disease or neutralize poison at will. They did not spit, but if they were provoked they could fight on the same level as war camels. Camels of pearl perfectly combined bites with punches when in combat. They could become invisible at will.


Camels of the pearl were always looking for a place where they could be useful and where they can find a good owner. They often served noble genies or giants as mounts.


Camels of the Pearl were omnivorous, eating insects, plants, grains, and even fish. They had a special love for sweets, often begging their owners for something tasty. Camels of Pearl loved being in the company of other good-hearted people. They enjoyed educating others. Often they were owned by selfish people, but were wise enough to disdain from evil acts.



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