Camp Vengeance was the forward camp for the Order of the Gauntlet for their operations in Chult. It succeeded their former headquarters, Camp Righteous, which was previously overrun by the undead.[1]

It was led by the Tyrran templar and knight of the Order of the Gauntlet, Commander Niles Breakbone.[1]


The camp was located in the western bank of the River Soshenstar just a few miles north of the Aldani Basin.[1]


The camp was formed by wooden palisades dotted with a number of watchtowers and a main gatehouse. It was encircled by a 20-foot-deep (6.1 meter) trench, lined with sharpened wooden stakes.[1][2]


The camp was originally founded by the handful of survivors that escaped the slaughter at Camp Righteous.[1]


The camp was staffed by a variety of templars, priests and Chultan locals. Serving under Commander Breakbone were his long-time ally Wulf Rygor, captains Ord Firebeard and Perne Salhana, and nearly three dozen other soldiers and templar. Sister Cyas watched over a handful of clergy and Lorsa Bitwatal led her fellow Chultan tribesmen.[1]





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