Camp Vengeance was a base camp of the Order of the Gauntlet located on the River Soshenstar in Chult. The camp was founded by the survivors of undead attacks at Camp Righteous.[1]


Camp Vengeance was located three days south of Camp Righteous along the Soshenstar River, north of the Aldani Basin. Surrounded by a wooden palisade, the camp was built to withstand the sort of attacks which plagued the order at Camp Righteous. Although the camp was well defended, it was also plagued by clouds of insects, disease, and constant attacks from undead and native predators.[1]


Camp Vengeance was founded by a group of Order of the Gauntlet members who survived the undead attacks at Camp Righteous. After traveling three days from Camp Righteous, they ended their retreat by digging in on the future site of the camp. Eventually they got word of their situation back to Port Nyanzaru, and were then reinforced. They then fortified their camp to withstand future attacks.[1]


The camp was lead by a devout follower of Tyr named Commander Niles Breakbone. Aside from Commander Breakbone, the standard garrison at the base consisted of fifty-eight people, though the actual number of effective warriors at any given time was usually lower due to sickness. Additionally, the fort was supported by a ragtag troop of Chultan hunters and scouts.[1]



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