Campaign Classics was a column published in Dragon magazine. The series debuted in January 1995 (Dragon #225),[1] with eight 2nd edition installments until December 1997, two more 3rd edition articles in 2004, and one last 4th edition appearance in 2008.

It provided new material for campaign settings that had been discontinued before.[1]

There were also three entire Dragon magazines, #315: Classic Campaigns, #339: Campaign Classics, and #351: Campaign Classics: Beyond the World Serpent Inn, dedicated to the same topic.


Note that only articles relating to Realms canon (relating to the Forgotten Realms or Core D&D) appear here.

Issue Title Author Description Citation template
Dragon #226 Magical Sands of Zakhara Rudy Thalberger A number of magical items specially suited for the Al-Qadim campaign. [citation template]
Dragon #229 Wu-jen: the Oriental mage revisited David "Zeb" Cook This magic-user class from Oriental Adventures gets reinvented. [citation template]
Dragon #233 Scions of the Desert Jim Parks How to be a ruler in Zakhara by adapting rules from the Birthright to the Al-Qadim setting. [citation template]
Dragon Annual #1 The Scro: A Spelljammer Monster for Groundling Campaigns Roger E. Moore Adapting the advanced orcs from the Spelljammer campaign to other settings. [citation template]
Dragon #241 The Roof of the World Wolfgang Baur The secret Empire of the Yak-Men revealed. A geographical addition to the Al-Qadim setting. [citation template]
Dragon #316 Cloak & Dagger Eric Cagle, Evan Michael Jackson Gears, gadgets, and gizmos for those spies in your game. [citation template]



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