Candle magic was a manifestation of the Power developed by mystics in the Realms. When these priests reached a certain level of proficiency with herbalism, they could begin to create infused candles that, when burned, had an effect much like a magic spell on all those nearby. As their skill and experience grew, they learned how to make additional types of candles.[1]

Creating candle magicEdit

Typically, a mystic could create one candle per month if he or she had all the proper ingredients. One application of candle magic required a three-day manufacturing process and produced a candle that would burn for ten minutes. The maximum number of applications that could be released from a single candle was nine (requiring twenty-seven days of work and producing a candle that would burn for ninety minutes).[1]

Using candle magicEdit

In order for candle magic to work, the subject had to remain within ten feet (three meters) of the burning candle for a span of ten minutes. The magic took effect when the candle burned out or was blown or snuffed out after the ten minutes were up. If the subject left the area of effect, or the candle was extinguished before the time interval was up, then the candle magic was wasted—it had no effect on the subject and the candle was reduced by one application.[1]

Candle magic effectsEdit

Here is a list of magic candles that a mystic could learn to make, starting with the easiest and ending with the most difficult.[1]


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