Candle of calm was a divine magic spell available to priests of Lliira, the Joybringer, and others who followed deities whose areas of influence were charms or protection.[1]


This spell could be cast at a point up to 270 ft (82 m) away (even farther for more experienced casters). At that point, an illusory candle was created that gave off no heat or flame, but illuminated the area with light bright enough to read by. For a span of one minute, any creature that came within 70 ft (21 m) in any direction of the candle of calm was subjected to an effect identical to the arcane spell emotion (happiness) unless they managed to resist the magic of this spell. Furthermore, during that one-minute interval, those that did not resist found themselves unable to launch any attack, cast any spell, or defend themselves in any way other than dodging or retreating.[1]

The candle burned for just one minute, but the effects lingered. Those that managed to resist the spell were not affected by the emotion (happiness) component, but were at an extreme disadvantage when attempting to attack while the candle was burning. After the candle was extinguished, all affected creatures could again act freely, but all beings that had passed through the sphere of effect (whether they resisted or not) suffered attack penalties that gradually faded over the next six minutes.[1]

As a side effect, the candle of calm dispelled or banished any discord, fear, hate, hopelessness, or sadness auras that existed in the sphere of effect, whether natural or magical, as from an emotion spell or a symbol, for example.[1]

The caster of candle of calm did not have to concentrate to keep it going—he or she was free to take other action, including spellcasting, after completing this spell.[1]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, this spell required an unlit candle of any kind, and a chip of clear crystal or glass.[1]


Specialty priests of Lliira that reached a certain level in service to their goddess were granted the ability to cast this spell once a day.[1]


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