Candles of invocation were powerful magical candles that bolstered the abilities of creatures in its proximity that matched the philosophical alignment of the deity to which they were consecrated. They also conferred additional powers to divine spellcasters and could even be used to summon creatures.[1]


A typical candle of invocation seemed identical to a red taper.[4]


Nine types of candles of invocation existed,[1] reflecting the nine possible combinations of moral and societal dispositions that sentient creatures could assume.[5] During its construction, the candle was dedicated to a certain deity. Once lit, the candle could burn for up to 4 hours, shedding a faint light over a radius of 30 feet (9.1 meters). All creatures inside that radius whose alignment matched that of the deity to which the candle was dedicated at the time of its construction enjoyed a boost to their innate abilities and resistances.[1][3]

Moreover, divine spellcasters such as druids and clerics had their abilities considerably augmented by the candle. Post-Second Sundering versions allowed the casters to cast their most basic spells without limit,[1] while pre-Spellplague versions improved their connection to their deities, to the point of even granting them access to spells that would normally be beyond their nominal skill levels.[3]

Another possible use for a candle of invocation was to use it to cast the gate spell to summon a creature whose alignment matched the candle's dedicated deity. This power could only be used the first time the candle was lit, after which the candle was destroyed.[1][3]

Notable Candles of InvocationEdit

A candle of invocation dedicated to the neutral evil deity Sseth was located in a yuan-ti temple within the Slitherswamp level of Undermountain.[4]



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