Candlekeep Inn was the local inn of Candlekeep.[1][2][3]


The inn was located to the north of Candlekeep.[1]


The tavern had two floors. The ground floor was where the bar was located, and contained a huge fireplace. Another fireplace was located in the entrance lounge, which also contained a few chairs, tables, and stools. The downstairs area also held the owner's room. The upper floor had only a landing and seven rooms, all of which seemed to be for guests only.[1][2]


Candlekeep Inn served all social classes, from peasants to nobles.[1]

The tavern mainly sold wine, but also a couple of other beverages. Those available in 1368 DR were Blood Wine, Firewine, Arabellan Dry, mead, and the sole ale, Bitter Black.[1][2] The owner also also sold his own ale, known as Winthrop's Wicked.[2]

It also sold a variety of weapons and armor.[1][2]


In 1368 DR, it was owned by Winthrop[1], and was handed down to a long line of Winthrops.[3]



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