Canoloths are specialized yugoloths who serve as scouts, skirmishers and trackers. They are not common but a few is always a great plus to any yugoloth mercenary company.


Canoloths resemble great semi-insectile mastiffs, their body covered with chitin armor. Their mouth is made from both a horizontal and vertical set of teeth and a barbed tongue lolls out from the creature's mouth. It has no eyes; it relies on smell and hearing.

Combat Edit

Canoloths are never surprised. Only powerful stenches or very loud noises can "blind" them.

They attack with their front claws and bite their opponents with their horrifying jaws. They can entangle their opponents with their tongue.

They suffer double damage from cold-based attacks. They can be struck only by weapons magically enchanted.

Habitat Edit

Canoloth and Ultroloth - Wayne Reynolds

A canoloth (left) and an ultroloth (right).

Their lack of intelligence made the canoloths the most loyal of their race. Therefore, the yugoloth leaders use them as personal servants. They make excellent guards, assassins or retrievers.

When canoloths are not with a mercenary company, they spend their time bounding through the foul wastes of lower planes in search of lesser creatures to torment.

Some spells of binding and entrapment use canoloth tongue as a reagent. The organ will bring about 1,000 gold in the right market.

Notable canolothsEdit

The ultroloth Inthracis had two canoloth pets named Carnage and Slaughter.[2]






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