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Canomorphs, while sometimes misidentified as fiendish lycanthropes, were actually fiendish hounds that had learned to take a humanoid form. Haraknin originated from hell hounds, shadurakuls from shadow mastiffs, and vultivors from vorrs.[1]


In their original form, a canomorph looked the same as whatever fiendish race of hound they hailed from. They were also capable of taking the form of a humanoid, although the specifics varied amongst the three races.[1]


The personalities of the three races were wildly different: haraknin were violent and ill-tempered but ultimately lawful; shadurakuls were arrogant and ruthless; and vultivors were sneaky and unpredictable. All, however, were cruel and evil creatures.[1]


Canomorphs had only a few abilities in common, most prominently that of being able to change their shape between hound and humanoid forms at will. They also all possessed darkvision and had a keen sense of smell.[1]

At will, a canomorph could use the spell greater command against the fiendish hound associated with their particular type. Additionally, such hounds would never harm a canomorph.[1]


Canomorphs were native to the lower planes, although they were known to travel to other places, such as the Material plane, on missions for their masters. All three types were known to speak Common, with haraknin and shadurakuls also speaking Infernal, and vultivors and shadurakuls also speaking Abyssal.[1]

Canomorphs were created by archdevils and demon lords as intelligent trackers and guard dogs. However, because all three types filled similar roles in the lower planes, there was intense competition between them. The haraknin were the most common, as well as the most tenacious, but were the weakest physically, while shadurakul were the physically strongest but least numerous. The vultivors were intermediate in power and spent the least time fighting with the other two.[1]

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