Cantrip was a universal spell that all wizards learned to cast during their apprenticeship. By means of this spell, all manner of very limited magical effects could be manifested at the will of the caster.[1][2]


The effects that could be created were very minor, very brief, and mostly harmless, intended to entertain children or impress commoners.[1][2] Effects included causing a puff of air to make candles flicker; briefly freshening plants and flowers; producing an ambient musical tune; enhancing odors and aromas; creating tiny dust devils to clean a small area, and so on.[1][2]


Only verbal and somatic components were required to cast cantrips.[1][2]


The mage Sabirine was well known to have had a special interest in cantrips, and was an enthusiastic advocate of the continued use and refinement of them. Sabirine was known to have created several unique cantrips.[4]


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