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The north caravan campground and west caravan campground were a pair of fenced-in fields in the town of Triboar where visiting caravans could park their wagons and oxen as well as pitch camps for free.[1]


Both campgrounds were located in the center of Triboar just off the market square.[2][3] The north campground abutted the square to the north along the High Road adjacent to Ransor's Open Road, while the west campground was to the west along the Triboar Trail adjacent to the Happy Horse Ranch and the Triboar Travelers caravan company.[2] The caretaker for the campgrounds was located in the east corner of the north campground.[1]


The spaces were provided for free by the Lord Protector of Triboar, who paid a caretaker to keep the grounds clear of garbage and excrement. Each campground had a 30‑foot-deep (9.1‑meter) stone well for fresh water, located in the southeast corner of the north campground and in the center of the west campground.[1]


The campgrounds were a dominant feature of the center of Triboar by the mid-to-late 14th century DR.[3] In the late 15th century DR, the campgrounds were maintained by the elderly Darz Helgar.[1]



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