The Carpenters', Roofers, and Plaisterers' Guild was an organized group of surveyors, engineers, skilled craftspeople, and workers who conducted the business of building construction, repair, and maintenance in the city of Waterdeep and throughout the Sword Coast. They were kept constantly busy by the high demand for their work within the City of Splendors and as such became exceptionally wealthy by the late 14th century DR.[1]


Their livery consisted of red caps that were pierced with three brass nails arranged in a row.[1]


Guild members were kept quite busy with their workload. The city's nobility constantly hired guild members to build their manses larger and grander. Merchants regularly called on them to complete work as quickly and cheaply as possible, so long as their structures stood vertical. While their work was competent and serviceable, they did not complete great feats of engineering.[1]

Many members took on jobs in cities along the northern Sword Coast, as far away as Luskan. If their clients preferred they even built structures of their own design (though this was strictly not done within the city).

Throughout the guild's history, the Lords of Waterdeep consistently decided that buildings were the legal property of their owners, and could be modified as they saw fit. They were insistent that the domain of building inspections fell under their legal jurisdiction, rather than that of the Carpenters', Roofers, and Plaisterers' Guild. Because of this, it was not unheard of for some guild members to sabotage the work of their non-guild competitors in an effort to convince building owners to only trust in guild work. However, this was a fairly rare occurrence, as most guild members were simply too busy to engage in such shady behavior.[1]


Guild work was rather expensive. For every day on the job, the guild charged 1 gp per worker, 5 gp for a surveyor-chartist, 5 gp for an engineer, 10 gp for "crew needs", such as food and drink, along with the cost of materials.[1]


The guild had many members listed on an unusually long roster. This was due to the fact that even non-skilled and informal labor put to work in their employ were required by the government of Waterdeep to be enrolled within their ranks, even if listed as mere apprentices.[1]

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