Carradoon was a shipwrights' town on the southern shore of Impresk Lake, southeast of the Snowflake Mountains.[2]

Cadderly Bonaduce's Spirit Soaring cathedral lay north of the town.[3]


The city proper was walled with many multi-story structures huddled inside the town walls. A long bridge connected the city of Carradoon to a nearby island section of the town reserved for the more wealthy inhabitants such as merchants and governing officials.[4] It bordered on Impresk Lake,[5] which drained into the Shalane River.[6]

The city contained a market with a winery,[7] two inns—The Dragon's Codpiece and the Snoozing Dwarf Inn[8]—and a private club, the Moth Closet, which was located at the end of Lakeview Street.[6]

Notable inhabitantsEdit

In the city stood the tower of the wizard Belisarius [9].

Cadderly Bonaduce was born here.[2]

History Edit

In 1385 DR, the city was attacked by undead and shadow monsters from the Shadowfell, summoned by the liches Fetchigrol and Solmé, as part of the Ghost King's campaign to destroy the Spirit Soaring.[10]