Carrelath Barony was a part of the monarchy of Erlkazar encompassing the territory of the Kuldin Peaks.[1]


The Kuldin Peaks contained garrisons for Erlkazar's army. The troops guarded the gap in the Iltkazar Range and defended the headwaters of the Shining Stream. In addition, Carrelath contained a few small mining villages and religious sites.[1]


The barony was the westernmost of Erlkazar's five baronies. It bordered Impresk in the north, Shalanar in the east, and Tanistan in the south.[4]

The entire territory was foothills, passes, or mountains of the Kuldin Peaks.[1]


While in name ruled by a baron, in truth the true power rested in the hands of a shield dwarven priest, as had been the case since the time of Shanatar.[1]

Notable LocationsEdit

This mining village contained an old Calishite fortress from the Third Age of Calimshan.[1]
Ravimor's Cave 
This cave south of Tibold contained a rift thought to descend all the way to Deep Shanatar.[1]
This mining town was the location of the baron's home and was built atop dwarven ruins.[1]


The area had been settled since the time of Shanatar. In fact, the town of Tibold was the oldest continuously occupied location in the Lands of Intrigue, founded some 2,600 years before the start of the Dalereckoning.[1]

Before the Tethyrian Interregnum, the area was one of the counties of Tethyr.[1]




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