Carzakh Halandir was the leader of the reformed Shadow thieves guild in Athkatla on Amn.[1]


Carzakh was one of the five charismatic thieves and assassin that in 1255 DR founded the Shadow Thieves guild and remain one of the leader of the guild for the years after until the 1298 DR when the Masked Lady Lhestyn unveiled the guild. Carzakh was among the few Shadow Thieves that managed to survive the purge and went in hiding (one other was Marune); as most high surviving member was Carzakh that planned the next moves. Carzakh quickly promoted an other trusted assassin and thief with wizard ability to the command's chain and the Three (as they were dubbed) proceeded to the transformation and reformation of the guild. The Three decided to move in south Faerûn and change the guild's focus from assassin and thieves to wizard and priests; those proved good moves and the guild began to infiltrated the government of Amn. After 1341 DR, when Shadow thieves had control over criminal operation in most South Faerûn, Carzach and the Three decided to reformed their-self as Shadow Council adding more members to the command's chain, but all Bhaal-worshiping assassins. This proved a setback, because in 1358 DR the avatara god Bane deduced to absorb the souls of all the assassins of the Realms and so Carzarkh and all the Shadow Council died, open the gate of the modern Shadow Council.[1]



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