Castle Hartwick was the home of the royal family of Hartsvale and the seat of its throne.[1]


Castle Hartwick was located on an island in the center of the Clear Whirl River east of the town of Hartwick[2] and west of the village of Stagwick.[3] The island was a sheer spire of granite, hundreds of feet above the water, and was covered in spruce trees.[3] Two drawbridges, one on the west and one on the east, provided access to the island.[2]


The castle itself was constructed from whitened blocks of granite, and the castle included several flying turrets.[3]

One of the gates to the castle, located on the west side of the structure, was known as the Giants' Gate, and this provided true giants with a means to have an audience with the reigning king or queen.[3]


Within the throne room of Castle Hartwick sat the Alabaster Throne, which had been a gift from the dwarves of the area.[4]


Besides the defense of being built on an island, the turrets of the castle contained ballistae. The drawbridges to the castle were also defended by members of the Giant Guard, who were all giants sent by the surrounding giant tribes as ambassadors to the Kingdom of Hartsvale.[3]


The castle was still under construction when Hartkiller, Annam All-Father's last son and the founder of Hartsvale, was slain by the storm giant paramount of the one of the steadings in the south. Hartkiller's son, King Brun, would be the first to reign there. During the same time period, several other castles, for the kingdom's earls, were also being constructed.[1]




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