On a single night in 1347 DR the dark stone and iron fortress called Castle Perilous was raised by the work of demons of the Abyss. It was located on a rocky crag on the shore of the Lake of Tears in Vaasa. It was the seat of power for the lich Zhengyi, the Witch-King of Vaasa. With the aid of his demon patron Orcus, Zhengyi gathered an army of dire wolves, giants, goblins, orcs, and undead to conquer Damara.[citation needed]

It was destroyed by Gareth Dragonsbane and his party of Seven in 1359 DR. Until 1477 DR Castle Perilous remained a crumbling ruin, filled with lurking monsters and frequented by adventurers looking for remnants of Zhengyi's magic. The heaps of rubble are often seen topped by Chromatic Dragons of all colors as Tiamat plans to use it as a staging ground for the dragonfall war with Bahamut who has his new centre of faith in Damara.[citation needed]

In 1477 DR an earthquake struck the region and the castle shed its crumbling exterior to reveal seemingly new sleek black stone underneath. The ruling Ironfell Council was concerned by the events and sent investigators but no one could pierce the defensive runes on the castle's exterior.[1]

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