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Userboxes are small colored boxes used as short distinctive communicative notices or info demonstrator. Using "userbox templates" you can personalize your userpage and provide various information about yourself, your tabletop campaign heroes, throughout the Forgotten Realms Wiki community, easily and fast. You can use one or more of them on your userpage.

Below is a list with userboxes already created for you to use. They are categorized and cover a broad scope of things that you might want to share.

Basic Usage and Example[]

You can add a userbox just be writing in your userpage

{{User "Name of box"}}

For example, writing

{{User New Zealand}}

will give

Flag of New Zealand.svg This user comes from New Zealand.

However in order to demonstrate more than one userbox (as most users do) you will also have to use a userbox grouping method, so as your userpage remains tidy and easily read. For this you can use the {{Userboxtop}} and {{Userboxbottom}} templates that group all your userboxes on the right side of the page using the code below:


For example,

{{user New Zealand}}
{{user Waterdeep}}
{{user Tempus}}

will give your userboxes tidly displayed on the right of the page and your text will remain on the left:

Flag of New Zealand.svg This user comes from New Zealand.
Waterdeep symbol.jpg This user likes Waterdeep.
Tempus symbol.jpg This user's character is a follower of Tempus.


For advanced options for editing your userboxes column, visit {{Userboxtop}} or read each userbox's information.

If you want to learn more about userboxes, you can visit wikipedia's page.

If there is a specific userbox you want to be created, you can ask either in the forum or in the usebox templates category's talk page.

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