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Weapons in the Realms are grouped in many overlapping categories.


In 1st and 2nd Edition D&D, weapons were classified as Small, Medium, or Large and by the type of damage: Slashing, Piercing or Bludgeoning.[1] The damage type was carried over into 3rd Edition and beyond, with additional groupings by proficiency type (Simple, Martial, or Exotic) and by weight/wielding style (Light, One-handed, or Two-handed). In all editions, weapons are also classified either for melee or as ranged weapons, with later editions adding "reach" and "double" weapons.[2] A reach weapon allows a melee attack on an opponent that is not adjacent to the attacker. A double weapon is a single weapon with two striking ends or edges and can be used in "two-weapon fighting" as if the wielder were fighting with two separate weapons.

Important Notes[]

This is the top-level category for all weapons, magical or otherwise. All individual weapon pages should be in this category. Subcategories of this category should be limited to the major weapon groupings mentioned above.


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