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The Cathedral of Mystra was a temple to Mystra, godess of magic, that stood in the Arcanist Quarter of Neverwinter prior to the eruption of Mount Hotenow. Following that event, it lay at the bottom of Neverwinter's Chasm, where it came to be known as the Cathedral of Madness.[1]


At one time, the cathedral had been the central hub of the Arcanist Quarter. When it and the surrounding district fell into the Chasm, the area came to be known as the Unhallowed Grounds among members of Neverwinter's Scar Company.[1]


Within the Chasm, the cathedral came to be warped and twisted in much the same way as the Twisted Fane.[1]


The interior included a main hall that was protected with powerful wards. Bypassing these defenses required special talismans.[1]


The temple had been built at great expense, and the Arcanist Quarter grew up around it, making it central to all things magical in Neverwinter prior to the Year of Shadows, 1358 DR. The cathedral was abandoned when Mystra died that year during the Time of Troubles, and remained disused for years afterward.[1][note 1]

When Mount Hotenow erupted in the Year of Knowledge Unearthed, 1451 DR, the cathedral slid into the Chasm. Rather than being obliterated, strange magic warped the structure, and caused the cathedral to remain floating in the air deep within the ravine. It was rumored that the cathedral would erupt with plaguefire.[1]

By the Year of the Ageless One, 1479 DR, the rumors of active Spellplague drew members of the Order of Blue Fire to the cathedral. Led by a prophetess known as Senoblith the Corruptor, these Acolytes of Corruption declared the cathedral to be a holy site and preached submission to the energies of the Spellplague.[1]


As of 1479 DR, the cathedral was occupied by the Acolytes of Corruption alongside their plaguechanged minions.[1]



  1. The lore given in the 2013 video game Neverwinter may have been intended to state that the cathedral was abandoned after the Spellplague rather than after the Time of Troubles. As written, the temple would be understood to have remained abandoned despite the apotheosis of a new Mystra.


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