Catlindra Serpentar was an adventuress in Myth Drannor in the Year of the Tankard, 1370 DR.[1]


Catlindra was born in Impiltur to a pair of merchant and lived her teenage years traveling on and around the Sea of Fallen Stars. Always bullied by local children, she grew strong to respond to the offenses. When finally her parents were very wealthy, they retired to a villa in Selgaunt, Sembia, and Catlindra was a fierce fighter who had killed many thieves.

There, however, her mother was killed and replaced by a doppelganger but Catlindra saw the deception and slew the monster in front of her father. Her father remained totally shocked and descended into a catatonic state. To do something more than care for him, Catlindra decided to finance a female-only adventuring party, the Company of the Catlash.

Their first task was to eliminate a wizard near Haptooth who commanded undead. From him, she won the catlash for which the group was named. In time, Catlindra and her fellows became famous in the Vilhon Reach area.[1]

In 1370 DR, the Company decided to go to Myth Drannor in order to acquire some magic items to empower them.[1]


Catlindra directed the Company of the Catlash.[1]


Catlindra prided herself on being a capable leader, always maintaining a group that was strong and united. She dreamed of fighting for the liberty of the Dalelands and reclaiming or building a stronghold there, where she could talk with kings and rulers. Another dream was to be recruited by the Harpers, whom she respected very much. Catlindra was always polite but cautious with strangers. She was an able judge of character and always uncovered deception.[1]



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