A catoblepas (pronounced: /kɑːˈtɑːblɛpʌska-TAB-le-pus[5][6] Loudspeaker listen or: /kətˈblɛpəskuht-OH-bleh-puhs[6] or: /kætˈblɛpʌskæt-o-BLEP-us[5] Loudspeaker listen or: /kætˈblipʌskæt-o-BLEEP-us[5] Loudspeaker listen) was a seeming mix of buffalo, dinosaur, warthog, and hippopotamus that lived in swamps or wastelands. Legends said that hags raised catoblepases like cattle and fed on their milk.[2]

Its most feared ability was its deadly gaze.[7]

The flavorful death cheese sold by Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue was made by using catoblepas milk gathered by blind monks.[8]




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