The Cave of Greed, formerly known as the Dragonspawn Pits of Azharul (or more simply Azharul or the Dragonspawn Pits[2]), was the divine realm of the draconic deities Azharul and later Tiamat.[1][3]


In the Great Wheel cosmology, the Dragonspawn Pits were found on Avernus, the first of the Nine Hells.[2]

In the World Tree cosmology, the Cave of Greed was located in the lowest reaches of the Dragon Eyrie, far underground beneath the slopes of the mountain.[1] Planar borders only weakly separated this region from the Nine Hells.[3]


The realm consisted of an enormous convoluted cavern that contained the lair of its deity and, at some distance, those of its various petitioners and other inhabitants.[1][3]


Around 1371 DR, Azharul was attacked, defeated, and his essence subsumed by Tiamat. The Dragon Queen renamed his Dragonspawn Pits to the Cave of Greed, and used his body, name, and realm as a false front in her machinations.[3]

When the Spellplague hit in the Year of Blue Fire, 1385 DR, the Dragon Eyrie dissolved and the Azharul aspect of Tiamat was flung into Banehold.[3] It is unclear if the Cave of Greed was destroyed or transported there in the process.



Azharul, the Dragonspawn Pits, were introduced as Tiamat's lair in the 1st-edition Dragon article "The Nine Hells, Part I". However, 2nd edition made Tiamat's Lair a proper noun, not mentioning the former name. Ed Greenwood's forum article, attempting to reconcile the various locations of Tiamat's realm throughout the editions, introduced Azharul as a deity and placed the Dragonspawn Pits into the Dragon Eyrie. The exact relationship between Tiamat's Lair and the Cave of Greed/Dragonspawn Pits within the Great Wheel cosmology is not specified in the extant sources. It seems likely that the Dragonspawn Pits were kept as a secondary realm by Tiamat after the demise of Azharul.

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