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The Caverns Under the Stars was the divine realm of the Pharaonic[1] and Mulhorandi[3][6] deity of elemental earth, Geb.[1][2][3][6]


In the Great Wheel cosmology, this realm was located in the Elemental Plane of Earth,[1][2][3][4] some would say being hidden away at the very heart of the plane.[7] Hidden in the center of this plane was a portal to Elysium, the homeplane of Geb's estranged wife Nut,[2] though all considered it to be merely a rumor,[1][2] for Geb made a concerted effort to keep its exact location a secret, as otherwise it was possible Shu would seek to destroy it if he ever found out.[8]

In the World Tree cosmology, the Caverns Under the Stars were instead said to lay within the center of the arid realm of Heliopolis, a plane that was shared by all the members of the Mulhorandi pantheon.[5][6]


In the Great Wheel the Caverns Under the Stars were said to be a vast, pyramidal chamber, measuring 30 miles (48,000 meters) in length on each side. Though this shape was not apparent,[8] since its upper half always looked to be a starry midnight blue sky. This was an illusion crafted by Nut as a gift.[1][8] Extending out from this chamber was a vast, labyrinthine series of cavernous tunnels,[1][7] whose walls were lined with flashing gemstones.[7] Many of those gems and stars in the night sky were the spirits of those who served Geb in life, those considered to be the most worthy, who had melded with the plane itself.[7]

Under the World Tree, the Caverns were said to be a great cave complex at the root of a mighty mountain range, whose stone provided for all the monuments in Heliopolis.[6]

Notable Locations[]

Within the bottom of the pyramidal chamber of the Caverns Under the Stars stood a sprawling city, composed of magnificient stone buildings and temples, similar in appearance to those found in Heliopolis. It featured an open-air market that sold a wide variety of goods.[8] Beyond the central chamber, the realm was home to several towns.[1]

In the exact center of the chamber stood the palace of Geb, surrounded by a circular river of pure sweet water.[8]


The city and towns of the Caverns were each home to tens of thousands of petitioners. They had swarthy brown skin[1][7] and black hair,[7] the former of which would gradually darken in coloration as they drew closer to achieving union with Geb. They all shared the deity's general nature of being cheerful, friendly, curious, and a bit naive.[1] They were generally willing to help polite outsiders.[7] Under the World Tree cosmology's view of the realm, the petitioners were said to mine the mountains they lived within for precious gems and stone for monuments.[6]

Geb did not object to outsiders visiting his realm, provided they behaved themselves,[7] for he upheld hospitality as a high virtue. He would not tolerate the presence of swindlers.[8]




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