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Celadrin were a planetouched race that resulted from the union of elves and eladrins (usually firre). Many of the celadrins encountered outside of their homes were warriors, though they were also known for their skill as bards.[1]


Celadrins were of medium height and size. Celadrins resembled sun elves with the same golden-colored skin, but they also possessed gold eyes and flame-red hair. They preferred to wear brilliant robes, oftentimes fine silk with touches of silver and gold.[1]


Known to be quite dexterous and charismatic, but with a frail constitution, celadrins had a number of useful abilities. They could see in the dark and had resistance to fire and sleep spells and effects. They possessed a fiery gaze that let them occasionally cast a scorching ray from their eyes. They were most notable for their melodious voice however, which could influence beasts and humanoids alike.[1]

Some rumors suggested that warlock bloodlines existed among the celadrin of Cormanthor,[2] a rare example of warlock bloodlines among good races.[3] The mixed blood of elves and eladrin seemed responsible for these powers.[3]


Celadrins were usually found living with sun elves, although a few were known to wander the world before eventually settling down in distant elven settlements. They usually lived in communities with prominent temples to Hanali Celanil, and tended to venerate her as their patron deity, though they worshiped the entire Seldarine pantheon as well.[1]

When forced to fight, they were cautious warriors who tried to first learn as much of their enemy as possible. They then used that to find the most optimum time and location to fight, using ambushes, stealth, and hit-and-run tactics. Celadrins preferred to use longswords, rapiers, and longbows and shortbows in a melee fight, and their wizards often used sleep spells due to their kin's resistance.[1]

Other than reproducing amongst themselves, celadrins also propagated from the union of elves with eladrin, typically during the height of the summer solstice and consummated at Hanali Celanil's more wild revels.[1]


It was said that many celadrins could trace their origin back to the height of Myth Drannor, a time of liberation and understanding. After the fall of Myth Drannor, celadrins moved to Deepingdale and Lake Sember. They also originated from other communities with prominent temples to Hanali Celanil, such as Evermeet and Evereska.[1]

The Church of the Winsome Rose had celadrin warlocks among its defenders. In the late 14th century DR, at least three had became eldritch theurges, who tried to restore love among elven races in Cormanthor.[3]

During the same time period, one celadrin was also known to be a member of the Kaliesh-Erai, a psionic elven organization located in Evereska.[4]



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