Celerum the Black was a member of the Arcane Brotherhood of Luskan and the apprentice of Dendybar the Mottled in Targos in the mid–14th century DR.[1]


Celerum had shared features with the barbarians of the north. He was tall and thin and 6 foot, 2 inches (1.9 meters), with blond hair and blue eyes. He was often dressed in the finest black robes adorned with a jewel-inlaid golden belt.[1]


Celerum was ambitious, arrogant, cold, and calculating. He was completely devoid of morals and would do anything to further his goals.[1] As he had spent significant time impersonating Boswell Peddywinkle, a friendly and outgoing man, Celerum had significant acting abilities.[citation needed]


Celerum researched spells for Dendybar the Mottled of the Host Tower of the Arcane. He was well acquainted with Boswell C. Peddywinkle.[1]


Under Dendybar's tutelage, Celerum was conducting spell research. He came across excerpts from the diary of Damien Morienus, containing references to a powerful potion, but they did not include a description of the process for making it. Being ambitious, Celerum delved into the archives of the Host Tower of the Arcane, discovering that Damien had a research tower somewhere in Icewind Dale, where he was working on a recipe for lichdom, but mysteriously disappeared before completing it around 1269 DR, a period of the Dale's history called the Great Thaw. Celerum embarked on a quest to discover the accursed tower and the recipe. Celerum traveled throughout Icewind Dale with a friendly merchant, Boswell Peddywinkle. Celerum murdered Peddywinkle along the road and, using his hat of disguise, had assumed the merchant's identity by 1369 DR.[1]





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