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Cendriane was an old eladrin city that existed in both Faerûn and in the Feywild.[1]


In the Feywild, Cendriane was located in the center of a dark forest.[2] In Faerûn, Cendriane was located beside a mountain range, near an orc village.[1]


Cendriane was the biggest and most beautiful city of the eladrin, made of crystal spires.[2] Even in ruins, it was considered one of the most beautiful places across the planes.[1]


Cendriane was one of the oldest cities founded by the eladrin in the Feywild.[2] The city was built to allow it to exist in both Faerûn and the Feywild simultaneously.[1]

Cendriane was the site of one of the most vicious battles between the eladrin and the drow, a battle that ultimately destroyed the city.[2] It was said that the dreaded Zhudun was the brightest star in the sky the night Cendriane fell.[3]

The city was abandoned shortly thereafter, except for its ruler, the eladrin vampire lord Kannoth.[2] Not long after, the part of the city existing in Faerûn fell to ruin as well.[1]

Sometime after the Spellplague, the shiere knight eladrin Astriana recruited the half-orc druid Haggar to seal the Living Gate.[1]

Notable inhabitants[]

  • Lord Kannoth, an eladrin vampire who ruled the city even after its fall.[2]

Notable locations[]