Centiv Naomal was a human wizard specializing in illusions. He was the one who slew Samark Dhanzscul, the sixth Blackstaff.[4][5]


Centiv had chestnut hair and a full beard.[6]


Centiv tried hard to impress his father but his father didn't respect his abilities.[1]


Centiv resided with his father in Sundabar for a time before coming to Waterdeep around 1459 DR.[2]

Centiv helped his father kill Samark Dhanzscul and kidnap his heir Vajra Safahr in Marpenoth of 1479 DR. Centiv assumed the illusionary form of Samark and was able to convince everyone he encountered that he was the Blackstaff. [1]

When Khondar and Centiv attempted to break into Blackstaff Tower together, the pair were trapped but Khondar escaped, abandoning Centiv to his fate. Centiv remained trapped inside the tower, left to be tormented (and perhaps killed) by the spirits of the tower.[1]


Centiv was the son of Khondar Naomal, the guildmaster of the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors.[4][7]


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