Ceratosaurs, or ceratosauruses (pronounced: /sɛræhtˈsɑːrʌsser-æh-to-SAR-us[5] Loudspeaker listen) were vicious bipedal carnivorous dinosaurs from the jungles of Chult.[4]


These dinosaurs could reach 30 feet (nine meters) in length and walked on two thick, muscular legs. Their body and tail were proportionally large. They had a curved neck with a lizard-like head, which had a distinctive nose horn and brow ridges and knobby bumps above their over-sized eyes. Their arms were tiny with four clawed fingers each.[4]


Ceratosaurs hunted either alone or in pairs.[1] If in pairs, one would intentionally drive prey into the clutches of the other.[4]


Ceratosaurs used their speed and powerful jaws to their advantage. If they caught a creature in their mouths, they would shake it violently.[4]


Ceratosaurs, like most dinosaurs, originated in Chult.[4]

No one had ever successfully tamed a ceratosaur.[4]


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