Ceremony was a spell used by clerics and paladins to perform a magically infused religious ceremony.[1]


For the spell to be effective, the caster had to come into physical contact with the target creature. The spell allowed the caster to perform a variety of rites:[1]

  • Atonement: The cleric was able to restore a creature to their natural alignment.
  • Bless Water: Transformed a vial of water into holy water.
  • Coming of Age: When used on a young creature, they temporarily gained the skills of an adult.
  • Dedication: Used when a creature became dedicated to the cleric's deity.
  • Funeral Rite: Prevented a corpse from becoming undead for up to a week.
  • Wedding: Used during wedding ceremonies.


In addition to verbal and somatic components, the spell required a material component: powdered silver with a value of at least 25 gp.[1]



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