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Chain contingency was an uncommon and very powerful evocation spell that allowed the caster to store up to three spells, which were immediately cast under a certain condition.[1][2][3]


In order for the spell to function, it had to be cast together with the (two or three) spells that the mage wished to be stored. The stored spells had to be less powerful than the chain contingency spell itself. When the conditions were met, two spells were cast simultaneously, or three spells one after another.[2][3]

Unlike the less-powerful contingency spell, the spells stored could affect targets other than the mage. However, the spell itself could only affect the caster.[2][3]

Chain contingency was normally prepared in advance, as the chained spells would be cast automatically, so the mage had time to cast other spells. Only a single one of these spells could be in effect at a single time, and if another chain contingency was cast, it would replace the last one. Interestingly, a single mage could have both a chain contingency and a contingency spell active simultaneously, but the conditions could not coincide. The duration of the spell increased with the power of the caster, and lasted for a single day at minimum.[2][3]


The spell required somatic, verbal, and material components. The material components were a gem worth 1000 gp or more, 500 gp worth of quicksilver, and an eyelash of a powerful spellcasting creature, such as a ki-rin or an oni mage. A statuette of the mage, which must be carved from ivory, also had to be carried by the caster. In addition to these, the stored spells also required their specific material components.[2][3]


Chain contingency was used throughout Toril, from powerful wizards in Faerûn,[6][7][4] to sha'ir in Zakhara.[8]

In the early–10th century DR, the extremely powerful human mage, Sammaster, prepared for lichdom in case his regenerative powers failed to function. He did this by casting both chain contingency and contingency on himself. As such, when he was killed, he moved to his phylactery by use of the multiple spells he had stored.[4]



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