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Chain lightning was an evocation spell that blasted a target with lightning then jumped on to more targets.[9][3][4][6]


This spell created a bolt of lightning that traveled from target to target doing successively less and less damage. Distance between targets was more important than what type of target they were.[4][3][6] Depending on the caster's skill, chain lightning could strike more targets.[4][6]

Older versions of the spell could be stopped by it striking a grounded target like iron bars, which would send the lightning into the ground.[6]

A version of the spell was utilized by the mysterious Ravenwitch of the Thunder Peaks. Her lightning arced in black bolts of electricity and howled with terrifying reverberation of deadly magics. Ravenwitch's chain lightning could tear its targets apart or even evaporate them completely.[10]

The post-Second Sundering version cast a bolt that struck a target then split into three different bolts that struck different targets. If used at a higher spell level, an additional bolt would leap from the first target.[2]


The spell required vocal and somatic components, plus a bit of fur; a piece of amber, glass, or a crystal rod; and one silver pin for each level of the caster's power.[4] The post-Second Sundering version needed the same except only three silver pins in total.[9]


This spell was attributed to Netherese arcanist Volhm in −1964 DR and was originally called Volhm's chaining.[1]



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