Chaks was the Cloakmaster of Zazesspur for the Shadow Thieves around 1370 DR.[1]


Chaks was originally a slave in Calimshan until he escaped when a teenager. He made a career as a bounty hunter, but never hunted escaped slaves.

He was considered by the Shade of the Sword sect for a position as guildmaster of the bounty hunters guild, but the need to fill the empty position of Cloakmaster of Zazesspur prevailed. Thus he was given the position in reward for an old service performed for the Shade.


In public, he ran a small school for fighters in Karlaggar, the mercenaries' quarter of Zazesspur. Sometimes students of the Assassins' School of Stealth were sent to his school. Chaks was not afraid to hunt down and kill another Cloakmaster who interfered with his work, but only after sending a note of protest to his superior in the Shadow Council.[1]



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