Chalsembyr, also known as the High Seat, was a realm located in the lands that later came to be known as the Border Kingdoms, in southern Faerûn. The kingdom existed over a millennia before the Era of Upheaval, during the years of the Netherese Empire. It was perhaps most well known for one of its rulers, the mortal Torm, who ascended to godhood and later joined Tyr and Ilmater to form the Triad.[2]


Many followers of Torm sought out the ancient ruins of Chalsembyr in the centuries following its collapse. In fact, some orders of Tormish knights were solely dedicated to this task.[1]

Some Tormish scholars believed that discovering the realm, and learning more about his life as a mortal man, would grant them a place at Loyal Fury's side as a celestial servant. Yet others believed that Torm would always refuse to reveal any information about his life on Faerûn, and believed the search for Chalsembyr to be a divine game and fruitless, yet essential, test of their faith.[1]

One of the most famous paladins to undertake was Bertold the Seeker, who was granted the holy avenger, Chalsembyr's Heart from the House of the Hand in Procampur, to aid him on his quest.[2]



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