The Chambeeleon (pronounced: /kɑːmˈbiliɒnkam-BEE-lee-on[2]) was an old, ornate spell tome with an aquatic theme but unknown origin.[1]


The resplendent cover of the spellbook was made of sheets of shimmering abalone and corners of pressed gold. It had 66 pages of polished electrum, with embossed writing that contained runes, glyphs, and script. Due to the distinctive elements in its crafting, it was completely waterproof.[1]


The origins of the Chambeeleon were unknown, but it was markedly antique. The priesthoods of seven aquatic deities claimed it contained the "creation records" associated with their gods.[1]

According to Alaer, it was found in the court of the aquatic elves at Thunderfoam an age before the Time of Troubles. Years later, the hero Galadaunt found the tome on the deck of a ghost ship in the Emerald Isles. He eventually sold it to an unnamed wizard whose apprentice wound up being known as the Mad Mage. This mage had the tome under guard by a succubus. His apprentice was Arbane, whose studies and recollection allowed for an understanding of the tome's contents.[1]


The Chambeeleon was known to contain the following spells:

water breathingflylightning boltfire shieldice stormairy watercone of coldconjure elementaldisintegrateglasseepart waterDrawmij's instant summonsreverse gravityvanish

It was rumored to contain imprisonment and prismatic sphere as well. Also, as noted by Arbane, the version of conjure elemental would only summon water elementals; they were loyal to the caster and would never attack them outright.[1]



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