Chameleons were lizards famous for their ability to change their skin color to match their surroundings.


The elven trickster god Erevan Ilesere went by the title "The Chameleon".[1]

The color-changing power of the chameleon inspired the name of certain magical items, for example, the rings of chameleon power said to be worn by Akim al-Kalaas, leader of the Unclean;[2] Nabilanasa, a famed elven ranger of the Zakharan desert;[3] and even avatars of the goddess Eilistraee.[4]

Despite the name, chameleon leather, a color-changing armor, was crafted from ophidians, not chameleons.[5]


In Maztica, the skin of a chameleon was required for the proper casting of the disguise spell.[6]


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