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Champions of Valor is an accessory for the Forgotten Realms campaign setting using the 3.5th-edition Dungeons & Dragons® ruleset.

Champions of Valor is a comprehensive guide to playing valiant heroes in the Forgotten Realms setting. The counterpart to Champions of Ruin, Champions of Valor covers what it means to be valorous in the Realms. The book describes several good-aligned guilds and organizations that characters can join, as well as the benefits for doing so. In addition, the book presents an array of new spells, feats, and prestige classes appropriate for heroes of valor, and opens up new opportunities for adventure, fame, and glory for truly heroic characters.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: The Valorous Hero
  • Chapter 2: Character Options
  • Chapter 3: Valorous Organizations
  • Chapter 4: Prestige Classes
  • Chapter 5: Places of Valor
  • Chapter 6: Agents of Good


Champions of Valor provides details on the role of good in the Realms. It has information of various villains, good-oriented organizations, new spells, feats and prestige classes.



Bakra HispulBrenvol WhitebrowBreyarg StonebreakerBruldin OldturretCureh LantinyeDalthyriaDorgafal ShiverockDustwaterHelm BornsonIorl SkyndulJhavaerra ErbrandKerri TalindrasLogim BerweldRamas-Teth AnkhRindon WasathoSarade GedreghostSinda BrownhelmStormwingTamaer Shiversword


Amphail GrayBattle effigyCalimiteChiontharCormyrean destrierDales ponyDambraiiHammer ponyIsland ponyKromlorLhesperanMethNarsRaurinSemphariShaaran zebraShad'iarSosserSteppeTharurrUglibWhiteshield


AlbruinAnvil of hopeChalsembyr's HeartCrown of NarfellDoomwarden bracersDornavverDukar hand coralfaith tokenFlying Hunt armorHadryllisHarper tokenLady JusticeLord of sleepMace of the brightwalkersMaid of the watersMask of tearsOath-hammerReluctant FourRing of truth-tellingStaff of celestial lightStorm armorTabard of the Nimbral heraldVilebiter bladeZundaerazylym's Nevertokens


Cave of Brother LuimanChapel of Resounding JusticeDarkmaiden's LeapMholor DurinhalTeumyshaarilWeeping Garden


Alliance of FreesailorsArvoreen's MarchersBerronar's ValkyriesBroken OnesChampions VigilantCircle of LethClaws of the Sun and the AnkhCompanions of the Noble HeartThe CovenantDarksong KnightsDisciples of the PhoenixDruids of Tall TreesDukarsDusk CircleFangshieldsFellowship of the Purple StaffField GuardiansGolden Hands of VergadainGray HandsGuardians of the WeaveHammers of GrimjawsHammers of MoradinHarmonious OrderHarpersHigh HeraldsHin FistJanessarKnights of the Eternal OrderKnights of the Flying HuntKnights of Holy JudgmentKnights of Imphras IIKnights of the Merciful SwordKnights Kuldar of BarakmordinKnights of the Mystic FireKnights of the NorthKnights of SamularKnights of the Shadow SwordKnights of the Shadowy CloakKnightswood NineLegion of LionsLords' AllianceLoyal Order of InnocentsMarchwardensMirMonks of the Yellow RoseMoonstarsOrder of the AsterOrder of the Crescent MoonOrder of the Golden CupOrder of the Golden LionOrder of the Red FalconOrder of the Risen ScepterOrder of the Silver ChaliceOrder of the Watchful LionRashemen berserkersRed Raven Mercenary CompanyRed SashesRiders of the West WindSacred Shields of Berronar's BlessedShadoweirsShields of the Golden HillsShields of YondallaSisters and Brothers of the Ruby RoseSkyriders of AglandarSoft ClawsSun SoulSwords of the High OneSwords of the LadyTelomrmar GultorThe TriadUthgardtVigilant Eyes of the GodWarriors of the StarWatchers over the FallenWayward wardensZealots of the written word

Prestige classes[]

Knight of the Flying HuntKnight of the WeaveMoonsea skysentinelTriadic knight


Animate with the spiritbenign projectioncelestial fortressconvert wandcreate lantern archondawnshrouddisk of solar vengeancedispel silenceEilistraee's moonfirefavor of Tymorafaith healing wandfleeting fortunegolden dragonmailholy fire shieldhorrible tastelesser spellsonglionheartlove biteportal wellrend shadow weaverunic markershard blessing aurasilver dragonmailskin of the steel dragonspellsongspiderbindstars of ArvandorStars of MystraStars of Selûnestormvoiceswift invisibilitythunderstrokevision of punishment



  • Designers: Thomas M. Reid, Sean K Reynolds
  • Additional Design: Eric L. Boyd, Brian Cortijo
  • Developer: Andy Collins
  • Editor: John Thompson
  • Editing Manager: Kim Mohan
  • Design Manager: Christopher Perkins
  • Development Manager: Jesse Decker
  • Senior Art Director RPG R&D: Stacy Longstreet
  • Director of RPG R&D: Bill Slavicsek
  • Production Managers: Josh Fischer, Randall Crews
  • Forgotten Realms Art Director: Mari Kolkowsky
  • Cover Artist: Tomás Giorello
  • Interior Artists: Kalman Andrasofszky, Wayne England, Jason Engle, Ralph Horsley, Jeremy Jarvis, Warren Mahy, William O’Connor, Lucio Parrillo, Wayne Reynolds, Francis Tsai
  • Graphic Designer: Dee Barnett
  • Cartographer: Christopher West
  • Graphic Production Specialist: Angelika Lokotz
  • Image Technician: Bob Jordan


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