Chancil Crystalheart was a human mage of Memnon in Calimshan in the 1350s DR.[1][note 1]


Chancil was a subordinate of Pasha Abon Duum of Manshaka. Furthermore, Duum possessed Chancil's actual heart encased in a crystal and kept in his home in Manshaka, while a connecting crystal was embedded in Chancil's chest where his heart should be. Thus, he was called "Crystalheart". With the heart, Duum knew when Chancil acted disloyally and punished him with agony as his heart beat more rapidly, and thus ensured his obedience. [1]

Chancil paid a band of thugs and mage apprentices to protect him and keep away those who sought him. Such men were equipped with wands of telekinesis.[1]


In the Year of the Prince, 1357 DR, Chancil and a group of bounty hunters traveled to Waterdeep and the Selûne's Smile tavern. Slipping a potion into the drinks, they rendered all the patrons unconscious and kidnapped the cat child.[2]

Memnon - comic

Chancil in the streets of Memnon.

Chancil returned to Memnon, where he kept the cat child prisoner in his house prior to delivering him to Duum. He briefly contemplated keeping the boy and his powers for himself, until, from afar, Duum used his captive heart to torture him into obedience. After following his thugs, Conner, Vajra Valmeyjar, and Salabak spied on Chancil and made a bid to rescue the boy: Conner pretended to have caught Vajra—an escaped slave of Duum—and required Chancil's assistance in taking her to Manshaka. Initially, Chancil disbelieved Conner and summoned a cyclops to beat him, but Vajra made no reaction or move to aid him, convincing Chancil of the ruse and so he dispelled the monster. He gave Conner half the reward for Vajra and claimed her, but the escape and rescue attempt failed. Conner and Vajra only just got away, abandoning the cat child, while Salabak slew one of Chancil's apprentices.[1]

Duum ultimately received the cat child, and Vajra too.[3]


Chancil was very tall and slender and wore robes and jewelry. Notably, he had a large octagonal rose-hued gemstone embedded in the center of his chest.[1]



  1. An unnamed, non-speaking wizard of similar (though not identical) build and dress appears as one of two mages in Duum's employ in issue #16, "The Last Betrayal", but it is not clear if this is Chancil or another wizard. Typically, comics characters retain their costumes for familiarity, so this is assumed not to be Chancil. However, if he is, he would have participated in the final capture of Conner, Vajra, and the Catlord, accompanied Duum to Gladsheim, and finally been banished from the plane by the Catlord, his fate unknown.


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