Chandlerscross was a clean, fresh-looking town in Scardale located on the River Ashaba within the great canyon called the Scar.[1] This town rose to prominence, and even served as its capital city, during the occupation of the dale by a coalition of foreign forces during the mid–14th century DR.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

While in 1356 DR the town was barely noticeable, by the late 1360s it had become a bustling center of trade, having evaded the chaos and destruction that was rampant in Scardale Town. Following that settlement's devastation during the Shaking Plague in 1370 DR, Chandlerscross was designated as the capital of Scardale.[3]

Throughout the 1400s DR, Sembian merchants consolidated the nation's power over Scardale through a series of underhanded deals and betrayals. These actions culminated with Sembia's mercenary army marching on Chandlerscross and slaughtering many dalesfolk. After their bloody coup, the merchant nation re-established Scardale Town as the capital of the dale.[4]

Government[edit | edit source]

During the town's tenure as the capital of Scardale, Chandlerscross served as home to both the Provisional Governor, the inaugural incumbent of which was Khelvos Dermmen, and the Scardale Council.[3]

The city watch was composed entirely of Scardalefolk, a point of pride for the dale after years of foreign occupation.[3]

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