Changestones was a transmutation spell that turned specifically prepared stones into fake liths.[1]



A lith, the result of the changestones spell.

Changestones was a spell cast on specifically prepared stones, which needed to be touched. On casting the spell on these stones, they turned into fake liths. These fakes could not use the psionics that were inherent to the real liths. They also could not talk with real liths.[1]

What these liths could do, was to follow any orders verbally issued by the caster, including defending the caster.[1]

When the spell expired, the liths became stones again. These stones could used again to cast changestones on them.[1]

A fake lith that was killed, turned into powder and the stone from which they were turned into being were destroyed.[1]


Changestones required somatic and verbal components. The most important factor to cast this spell was its focus, the stones that were turned into liths.[1]

These stones were polished and smoothed. This costed 200 gp at the very least. The preparation was concluded by the caster conducting a purification ritual that took an entire day per stone. This ritual made it impossible for the caster to do anything else for the day.[1]

The number of the stones that a caster could enchant at once depended on the caster's skill, but met a hard limit at five.[1]


Powerful cavelords learned the casting of changestones. They could use this ability once every day.[2]



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