Chant was a conjuration spell that provided a bless on the caster's allies and a curse on the caster's enemies for as long as the chant could be maintained without interruption.[8][9][10] The arcane version of this spell was identical, except it was an enchantment spell.[7]


Allies were filled with hope, boosting their morale and improving their combat ability, giving them a slightly better chance to strike a blow or aim true. Simultaneously, the caster's enemies were filled with trepidations and doubt, lowering their morale and dulling their combat ability. The caster had to remain stationary and not be interrupted for the chant to be effective. Any successful attack, silence, or movement would break the spell.[8][9][10]

The newer version of this spell doubled in effectiveness when another priest of the same religion cast prayer. It also lasted as long as the caster could keep up the chant.[8][9] The older version expired after 10 minutes and did not combine with prayer.[10]


Only verbal and somatic components were required to cast this spell. The verbal component was the chant itself.[8][9][10]The arcane version of this spell required a musical instrument as a Material component.[7]


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  1. This spell was originally in the Combat sphere but was moved to the All sphere by the Tome of Magic 2nd edition (see page 152, or Player's Option: Spells & Magic page 186)

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