Chaos, originally called Berthot's disorder,[1] was a common enchantment spell that caused several targets to become severely disorientated.[2][3]


The spell caused several creatures in a large volume, up to 40 ft (12.2 m) in every dimension, to be subject to chaotic effects. Those who were unable to resist would either wander far away, become confused, or even attack the creature closest to them. The duration of the spell, as well as its range, scaled with the power of the caster. Any confused creature that was attacked (either a confused ally, or a foe) would see their attacker as a foe. Thus, as the spell affected multiple creatures, there was a chance that those creatures would end up attacking each other.[2][3]

Chaos was similar to another spell, confusion, but only more experienced mages could cast chaos. Unlike confusion, only fighters and enchanters, as well as unintelligent, non-magical creatures, had a chance to resist the spell's effect. Some powerful and very intelligent creatures also had a chance to resist chaos.[2][3]


The spell required somatic, verbal, and material components. The two material components were a disc of bronze and a small iron rod.[2][3]


The spell was invented by the Netherese arcanist, Berthot, in −1105 DR.[1]



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