Chaos Bay was an inlet of water on the Great Sea named for its often impassable coral reefs and sandbars, which offered natural protection for the corsairs' main base of Hawa.[1]


The coral reefs and sandbars guarding Chaos Bay were shifted regularly through the use of unknown magic. The water was kept crystal clear since few dared enrage the sea elf keepers.[1]


Sea elves maintained the reefs and sandbars of Chaos Bay, moving them at regular intervals to keep potential enemies confused. The sea elves guided friendly ships safely through the harbor. Wise captains offered gifts to the sea elves in exchange for their services. The pristine waters of the bay were populated with a large variety of creatures including fish, dolphins, crustaceans, and sea horses.[1]

Kawthar bint Husn umm Ra'id and her son Ra'id bin Kawthar led the sea elf colony, occasionally taking part in the Corsair Council of Hawa.[1]



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