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Chaos dragons were powerful and unpredictable planar dragons.[1]


Although sharing some broad characteristic, chaos dragons varied immensely in appearance. In general, they all shared a muscular body with strong wings, long necks, and irregular tails. However, their scale patterns and colors changed from individual to individual. In fact, it was speculated that a single individual's appearance also changed over time.[1]


Chaos dragons essentially sought to undermine and destabilize society and civilization in general. Good-aligned individuals did so in order to promote positive change, while evil ones wished simply to spread violence and destruction.[1]


Chaos dragons possessed two breath weapons. One was a cone of gas that produced an effect akin to the confusion spell in order to send its opponents into disarray. The second breath weapon was a line of random energy, which could vary between acid, cold, electricity, fire, and a thunderous sound. The type of energy was unknown even to the dragon, up to the moment it breathed it.[1]

In addition to their breath weapons and fierce physical attacks, chaos dragons could also innately cause effects similar to the chaos hammer, cloak of chaos, dispel law, entropic shield, mind fog, mislead, protection from law, and word of chaos spells.[1]


A group of githzerai attempted to forge an alliance with chaos dragons in an attempt to replicate the bond between the githyanki and red dragons. The effort was largely a failure due to the chaos dragons' unpredictability and disloyalty. However, some successful exceptions existed and, in rare cases, collaborations between chaos dragons and githzerai could be found.[1]





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