Chaos hammer was a divine evocation spell exclusive to clerics with the Chaos domain. It harmed only lawful enemies.[1]


The cleric unleashed the power of chaos, which appeared as an explosion of multicolored energy launching and ricocheting from what it struck, covering an area of 20 feet (6.1 meters) in radius. The energy only affected non-chaotic beings. This dealt a moderate amount of damage to lawful creatures, and much more if they were lawful outsiders, to a degree depending of the power of the caster. It also staggered them for up to half a minute, making them slow to act and react, leaving them struggling to move, attack, or defend themselves. Neutral beings harmed only half as much and were not staggered. Creatures who resisted through willpower were harmed less and not staggered.[1]


It required verbal and somatic components.[1]



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