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The Chapel of Resounding Justice was a small fortified temple dedicated to Tyr located near Archenbridge.[1] It was famous for the realistic statue of a planetar ornamenting its courtyard, and was a pilgrimage destination for Tyrran faithfuls.[1]


The temple was protected by heavy reinforced doors.[1] Rooftop vantages 20 ft (6.1 m) from the ground allowed the inhabitants to defend against attackers, protected by chest-high parapets circling the outside walls.[1]

A well-stocked armory contained enough chainmail suits, shields and weapons to arm a dozen combatants.[1] The chapel was usually manned by four soldiers and their captain, as well as a cleric.[1]


Circa Year of the Ormserpent, 1295 DR, Tyr sent the young planetar named Resounding Justice against Krysus Vaant, a blackguard of Gargauth.[1] The angel tracked her target outside of Archenbridge, and chased it southeast over several days. The ensuing battle pitted the antipaladin and a pit fiend against the angel, which paid the ultimate price in order to destroy its opponents: she sacrificed herself to blast her enemies with radiant energy, but transformed into a statue of white and gold marble in the process.[1]

After finding her remains a couple days later, members of the church of Tyr built a temple around the statue, to celebrate and praise her selfless act in the name of justice.[1]

Magical effects[]

The statue in the middle of the courtyard radiated a gentle divine magic, and at night glowed with a peaceful blue-white light. The temple reinforced the connection of the faithful with good domain spells, an effect especially strong for clerics of the faith.[1]

The divine magic protecting the place also helped stabilizing people on death's door, and creatures resting there would find their wounds healing faster than usual.[1]

Rumors & Legends[]

Those touching the statue could still feel the divine presence of Resounding Justice. [1] Some believed she was still inside, waiting for the right time to serve her deity again.[1] This was the subject of much debates within the clergy: some believed that they should find a way to restore her to life, while traditionalists argued this would undermine the meaning of her sacrifice, and potentially undo the magic that destroyed her foes.[1]



Floor plan of the first and second levels showing the location of the statue (2), the barracks (3), captain's quarters (4) and priest's quarters (6), the shrine to Tyr (5), the storage (7) and armory (8), as well as the rooftop vantage (9).