Chardansearavitriol, known as Ebondeath, was a black dragon who became a dracolich.[1]


In 631 DR, Ebondeath was the first dragon to settle in the Mere of Dead Men in the Sword Coast North, making his home in Uthtower and ruling all of the surrounding area.[2]

Ebondeath disappeared in 922 DR, becoming a dracolich at the behest of Strongor Bonebag, a priest of Myrkul and member of the Cult of the Dragon.[3][4] The Ebondeath Sect of the Cult of the Dragon began worshiping him at the Mausoleum of the Ebondeath created at the Uthtower.[4]

In 1202 DR, under the Eye of Myrkul, Ebondeath's body disintegrated into dust due to the god Myrkul's influence, although his spirit was still tethered to his remains. Worshipers from the Ebondeath Sect traveled to the Mere of Dead Men to see the remains and the sect grew.[4][5] However, the Ebondeath Sect collapsed around 300 years later in 1358 DR when Myrkul was destroyed.[6][7] The location of Ebondeath's remains was subsequently lost.[8]






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