Charvekkanathor the Scarlet was a mighty red dragon who made his lair at Rrinnoroth, an abandoned dwarven outpost in the Kuldin Peaks.[3]


He was known to bully lesser dragons in his vicinity, and could be quite cunning and manipulative.[3]


Charvek laired at Rrinnoroth, perched on a high plateau of the southwestern Kuldin Peaks. He favored the location for its spectacular view of nearby realms,[3] but also for being highly defensible. Rrinnoroth was only accessible from subterranean tunnels leading from ruined Drakkalor, all of which Charvek had secured with magical wards.[4] The lair itself was protected with explosive traps and teleportation wards.[5]


Charvekkanathor's hoard included the Drakkalor Scepter, one of the Ruling Scepters of Shanatar.[6][7]


He had an enormous taste for eating orcs, sparing the entire Lands of Intrigue region from any major problems with the creatures.[3][8]

Charvek frequently hunted nearby areas for prey.[5]


Charvekkanathor often fought over territory with Balagos, another venerable red dragon in the region. Both believed themselves to be "the dragon ruler of the Sword Coast South". Around the 13th century DR, they arrived at a small détente.[3]

The blue dragon Iryklathagra considered Charvekkanathor and Balagos her only two rivals for the rulership of dragons in southern Faerûn, and fully expected to fight them both one day.[9]

Charvek was in an alliance of convenience with the dracolich Sapphiraktar, intending to learn magical secrets from the undead blue wyrm. Sapphiraktar, in turn, was manipulating Charvekkanathor into becoming an agent of the Twisted Rune.[8]


The wyrm made his lair at Rrinnoroth beginning in the 6th century DR.[3]

Around 1370 DR, a group of githyanki operating out of the ruins of Torglor attempted to convince Charvekannathor to mate with their three female red dragon allies: Cragnortherma, Heltipyre, and Scorlachash. They hoped to use any resulting offspring to launch an assault on the illithid stronghold of Oryndoll.[2]